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We are excited to announce that Blue Sky Public Adjusters are now assisting and helping insureds in 3 States.

Blue Sky Public Adjusters, or BSPA for short, is now working on claims in three states. As you may know, we started in New Mexico. It has been a privilege to help New Mexicans navigate the claims process and get the settlements that they were due. This is why we are excited to announce that, in addition to New Mexico, we are now licensed and working on claims in Texas and Ohio. We are also working to possibly expand into additional states in the coming year. We have a solid foundation in New Mexico and will continue to help insureds all across the state. With the addition of Texas and Ohio, we now have the capacity to help even more homeowners and business owners with their insurance claims. Did you have a claim that you believe was not paid correctly? Was your claim denied and you don’t understand why? Our experienced and licensed public insurance adjusters are here to assist with your claim. Now we can help in New Mexico, Texas, and Ohio.

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