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Blue Sky Public Adjusters has the experience you need.

As prior insurance adjusters working for insurance companies, we understand how difficult and overwhelming the claims process can be. This is why we started Blue Sky Public Adjusters, so we can assist you through the claims process. We have over 45 years of combined claims-adjusting experience. With our knowledge, we can help you navigate the complex claims process. 

We have experienced how insurance companies can limit your expected settlement. After witnessing countless underpaid and falsely denied claims by insurance companies, we decided to become Public Adjusters and advocate for the insured.

Our goal is to protect the policyholder. 

Did you know that you have duties to perform after a loss?

Your Insurance Company also has duties to perform after a loss.

Blue Sky Public Adjusters will represent you and your interest in the event of a claim. Our goal is to present a professional and accurate adjustment of your loss to your insurance Company.  

We know insurance. Your insurance company has an ethical duty to treat you fairly and pay your claim according to your insurance policy.

We are trained on how to read insurance policies. We know that the policy matters and you have rights under your insurance policy.

The insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance company. 

Ask your insurance agent for a full copy of the policy. Not just the declaration page. Do you understand how endorsements work? Do you know what your duties are or the insurance company's duties?

We pride ourselves in knowing New Mexico policies and endorsements unique to our state. We also understand the New Mexico Insurance Code that governs licensed Insurance professionals.  

We are not attorneys, sometimes an attorney is required, and we would recommend that you speak with an attorney for legal advice.

We can answer questions about your insurance policy and the coverage you have.

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