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Lost, Frustrated, Don't know what to do next?

BSPA Specializes in Residential and Commercial Property Claims

Evaluation at Desk

We are here to protect your interest during the claims process.

  • Do you have storm damage to a property you own or manage? 

  • Was your home or business damaged by fire, smoke, or water?

  • Was your insurance claim underpaid?

  • Has your claim been denied by your insurance company?

  • Did a contractor tell you that you should file a claim with your insurance company?

We have the experience needed to properly evaluate your claim. 

Let Blue Sky Public Adjusters evaluate your claim for free.

If you need to file a claim, Blue Sky Public Adjusters can assist and represent your interest with the claims process. We can file the claim, we will handle the appointments and meetings. We will meet with the Adjuster that the insurance company sends out.

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Should you let your insurance company tell you how much they owe you?

  • We will review the complex insurance estimates to ensure that you are being paid in full accordance with your policy.

  • We include the most recent construction practices in writing our estimates and they are based on the true and accurate covered damages found during our inspection.  

Whenever you work with Blue Sky Public Adjusters, you can trust that we will put your interest first.


Whether you’ve suffered a property insurance loss from wind/hail storms, fire, water, or any other disaster, understanding your options should be the most important step before filing an insurance claim. A Public Insurance Adjuster may be your best option to protect your interests and achieve the best outcome for your property loss. 

Public Insurance Adjusters work for you the insured. We are licensed insurance professionals that have only your interest in mind. We want to help ones like yourself with the claims process. You deserve to be indemnified (paid in full) for the covered loss sustained. Insurance claims are stressful, let us take the stress of dealing with your insurance company out of your hands so that you can recover faster after the loss. We will make sure you fulfill your “Duties after a Loss” part of the policy. We will complete a proper valuation of the loss.


"We will be your personal public insurance adjuster."


Don’t let the insurance company, who owes you for the loss tell you how small the loss is and pay you the bare minimum or not at all because they claim the loss is under your deductible. That would be like you telling your insurance company how much you owe for your premium. They will only pay what they have to keep their profits high. 


3 people besides the insurance company can adjust your claim. 1) You the insured, this is comparable to you handling your own legal case. Anyone with more claim adjustment knowledge will have the advantage. 2) An attorney assuming that they have the qualifications to adjust 1st party insurance claims. 3) A Licensed Public Insurance Adjuster. That is it, nobody else can assist you with your claim.  

"A contractor does not have a license to assist you with your claim and can unknowingly cause harm to you during the claims process" 

Here are some key points about Blue Sky Public Adjusters:

  1. Independent Representation: Blue Sky Public Adjusters are independent professionals who work exclusively for the policyholder and have no affiliation with the insurance company. This independence allows them to advocate for the best interests of the policyholder.

  2. Claims Expertise: Blue Sky Public Adjusters have extensive knowledge of insurance policies, including coverage provisions, exclusions, and claim procedures. They use this expertise to guide policyholders through the complex claims process.

  3. Damage Assessment: Blue Sky Public Adjusters assess the extent of the damages and losses to ensure that all relevant factors are considered during the claim evaluation. They document the damages thoroughly to present a comprehensive claim to the insurance company.

  4. Documentation and Preparation: Blue Sky Public Adjusters assist policyholders in preparing the necessary documentation and paperwork required for the claim. This includes gathering evidence, estimating repair costs, and submitting the claim within the required timeframe.

  5. Negotiation and Settlement: Blue Sky Public Adjusters negotiate with the insurance company on behalf of the policyholder to secure a fair settlement. They use their knowledge of policy terms and claim values to advocate for the maximum amount possible.

  6. Fee Structure: Blue Sky Public Adjusters typically work on a contingency fee basis, where they receive a percentage of the claim settlement as their fee. 

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