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Homeowners, Duties after a Loss

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Understanding your insurance policy and knowing your duties after a loss is crucial for homeowners. Do you know what your insurance policy requires? Most homeowner policies have similar requirements. Below I've outlined some basic duties that you the homeowner can be responsible for. The first point to remember is that your insurance policy is a Contract.

1. Legally Binding Contract: Your insurance policy is a legally binding contract between you (the homeowner) and the insurance company. Both parties have specific rights and obligations outlined in the policy under the section "Duties After Loss."

2. Documentation and Mitigation:

- Photographs and Videos: After a loss occurs (such as property damage), take photographs and videos of the damage if safe to do so. Don't forget to document your damaged contents. Proper documentation helps support your claim.

- Mitigate Damages: Prevent further damage by taking immediate action. For example, turn off the water supply after a pipe burst, place a tarp on a leaking roof, or hire professionals for mold or water remediation.

3. Keep Receipts:

- Keep Receipts: Retain receipts for any expenses related to damages. Also, if possible, keep building components that are removed or replaced (e.g., a broken pipe) for inspection by the insurance company.

4. Cooperate with Your Insurance Company:

- Provide requested documents promptly.

- Cooperate during the claims process.

Insurance Claim Professionals: Consult with a professional to determine whether you have a valid claim. We can help report the claim to your insurance company promptly.

- Seek professional assistance if needed, as handling this process alone can be time-consuming and very stressful.

Remember that failing to abide by these duties may result in forfeiture of coverage under your policy, even if the loss would have otherwise been covered. If you encounter property damage and face claim denials or underpayments, consider claim assistance from insurance professionals with Blue Sky Public Adjusters.

Understanding your insurance policy and fulfilling your duties after a loss ensures a smoother claims process and helps protect your home and assets.

These are only a few of the most common duties. Review your policy to learn what your insurance company requires you to do after a loss.

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